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DHCP Vendor Class Options - Option 43

Marco Berizzi
Hello everyone,

I need to configure a skype device with dhcp.
I followed this document located at:


Kindly I would like to ask if the following configuration
is correct.

option space MSUCCClient;
option MSUCCClient.UCIdentifier code 1 = text;
option MSUCCClient.URLScheme code 2 = text;
option MSUCCClient.WebServerFQDN code 3 = text;
option MSUCCClient.WebServerPort code 4 = text;
option MSUCCClient.CertProvReIPath code 5 = text;

subnet netmask {
  vendor-option-space MSUCCClient;
  option MSUCCClient.UCIdentifier "MS-UC-Client";
  option MSUCCClient.URLScheme "https";
  option MSUCCClient.WebServerFQDN "Lync.company.com";
  option MSUCCClient.WebServerPort "443";
  option MSUCCClient.CertProvReIPath "/CertProv/CertProvisioningService.svc";

Thanks in advance

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